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How to tell if Sunglasses are FAKE



The price of sunglasses, as with any make is obvious. £10 for a pair of Ray-Ban’s is a very small fraction of the COST PRICE , The CHEAPEST cost Price to a Genuine Ray-Ban Supplier is usually between £39 GBP and £96 GBP plus VAT ! Prada is between £59 GBP and £139 GBP Plus VAT. etc

So you need to ask yourself why is a retailer selling for less than cost price ? Or are they fake ?

We use a very low profit margin on our sunglasses therefore we are usually the cheapest you will find. If you find ANY supplier more than £20 less than our prices you will proberbly find that they are selling cheaper than they can be bought for from the manufacturer. If so ask yourself WHY ? * ( Tom Ford and Roberto Cavalli set minimum selling price`s on their models to avoid de-valuation of the brand, If you would like a discount on either of these brands just ask ! )


MOST New (post 1998) Ray-bans are made in Italy. Bausch & Lomb USA stopped making the Ray-Ban sunglasses range back in 1998, so sunglasses that have the markings Ray-Ban USA and claim to be 2005-2006 models, will not be genuine Ray-Ban. The Ray-Ban brand is now owned by the Luxottica Group.

Luxottica Group

Founded in 1961 by Leonardo Del Vecchio, the Group is now a vertically integrated organization whose manufacturing of prescription and sun frames is backed up by a wide-reaching wholesale distribution network and over 6,250 stores, mostly in North-America, Asia-Pacific and China.

Luxottica aim at protecting the eyes and enhancing the faces of men and women all over the world, by manufacturing and selling ophthalmic eyewear and sunwear characterized by their high technical and stylistic quality, in order to maximize our customers' wellbeing and satisfaction.


Unfortunately the Markings on the sunglasses are very easily copied by the counterfiters’ so it is not always possible to tell. The markings on the fake sunglasses do come off very easily. The ray-ban Brand have “Ray-Ban” written in white on the right lens ( Polarized versions have “Ray-Ban P “ ) on the Left lens they have “RB” Engraved. This left lens engraving is the hardest to copy.

Genuine Cases

In an attempt to stop people selling fake sunglasses in Genuine cases Luxottica have now restricted Authorised dealers to only be able to order 1 replacement case per calendar month. This has caused a problem for some customers as they have requested replacement cases for wear and tear on their old ones. Luxottica have agreed to supply extra cases IF the old case is returned to them however this does increase the cost of the cases due to the extra postage involved.

Questions only a genuine Authorized dealer would know the answers to,

You only need to ask one of the below.

1. Ask for information on ALL colours and sizes that are made in the model you are looking for ? Is this the same as any other online retailer ?

2. Ask if they know Luxottica`s UK RETURNS address ( If they say 200 Hammersmith Road they are wrong ( this is the address advertised on their website but NOT the returns address )

3. Ask if they can order spare parts for you ( Any Genuine retailer is able to order spare parts from Luxottica, so if they say no then the probably do not have a Luxottica account.

4. Ask them how Luxottica deliver their sunglasses to them, Currently they are using DHL and UPS.

5. Ask the name of Luxottica’s Online ordering system for Authorized dealers, ( it is called EXTRANET )

If the retailer does not have an account with Luxottica they who do they buy from ?

Do they know where their products are coming from ?

Do THEY know if their products are genuine ?

Are the products covered by Luxottica’s manufacturer warrantee ?

IF still in doubt CLICK HERE to find out how to beat the Counterfeiter`s



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